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Editing videos can be hard, but with good tools, you can learn it! Don’t give up when it’s tough; keep trying, and you’ll get better. Keep going because you’ll soon be great at editing videos.

Start by picking a good video editing app. InShot Pro Apk without Watermark is a great choice. Whether you’re just starting or you know a bit about editing, this app has all you need to make awesome videos.

Let’s find out more in the next parts.

What is Inshot App?

Use InShot, a video editor and maker for Android and iOS. It helps you improve videos and photos and share them on social media.

InShot APK is great for beginners and pros. The free version has limits like watermarks, fewer features, and ads. For no watermarks, get the Pro version.

How Inshot App Work?

Inshot video editor is a powerful video editor that works smoothly due to its user-friendliness. 
Following is a quick guide about the Inshot app work.
  • The first step is to download the InShot app from the Google Store.
  • Import the videos or photos to Edit them
  • Add Sound or Music
  • Add Text
  • Use editing tools like Filters, Animations, and Stickers (limited access)
  • Choose a resolution (HD resolution locked)
  • Save and share.

What is Inshot Pro APK?

InShot Pro – HD Video Editor and Video Maker with Premium features. Add music, text, transition effects, emoji, and filters, blur the background, remove the background, etc! 

The InShot Pro App allows users to edit, share, and save long videos same like picsart premium apk. Record the rare moments of daily life and edit them with Inshot. One of the best things about this app is that its interface is user-friendly and you can be as creative as you want.

Inshot the movie maker and HD pro video editor with music, helps you create videos with ease, and edit videos for sharing on any social media platform like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Infographic chart of Inshots Pro APK banner

InShot was originally designed for mobile devices, but it is also possible to use it on your PC/Windows, Mac, and iOS operating systems.

Inshot for PC is a powerful video editor, PC users can also enjoy the charm of this app. Users can edit videos and photos on their desktop on a big screen. With its amazing features and user-friendly interface, it allows users to create highly professional videos and photos.

InShot for iOS is a versatile app that lets you enhance your videos and photos effortlessly on the iPad or iPhone. With intuitive editing tools, you can trim, and add music, text, and effects to customize your content exactly how you want it.

Inshot Pro is a paid version of Inshot. whose monthly subscription costs roughly $40. In this version, premium features are unlocked after paying money for a subscription. But if you are a beginner, I recommend you download the Inshot Pro mod APK.

Difference Between Inshot and Inshot Pro

Inshot app is a free version from Inshot Inc. It has limited access to premium features. There are restrictions to use full editing tools. But Inshot Pro is a fully unlocked and paid version. No one can use unlimited tools without spending a huge amount.

What is Inshot mod APK?

You have to pay money for video editing tools like transitions, effects, stickers, and filters that enhance the overall video quality to the next level. But if you don’t want to spend money on all of those paid features, there’s a single solution for that Inshot Pro Apk.

It’s a modified version of Inshot Pro and provides Premium features for free. It allows user to edit, crop, create effects, and add music to their video. With a wide range of top premium features like Animations, Transitions, add Text, Stickers, and much more.

There are dozens of video formats, such as FLV, MP4, 3GP, AVI, and MOV. All of them are compatible video formats and once you are done with the project, you can export video at a high resolution and set up the frame rate according to your needs.


Inshot Pro Mod Apk is a professional video editing tool that allows you to create stunning videos without any watermark. With this app, you can enjoy all the premium features without any restrictions. Import your video to Inshot and explore the Text option, where you can add captions in your preferred language.

Additionally, you can blur specific areas of the video to protect privacy using various blur filters available within the Text option. Inshot Mod Apk stands out among other alternatives for Android, such as FilmoraGo, KineMaster, and Adobe Premiere Rush, due to its user-friendly interface, premium features, and compatibility.

What Can You Do With Inshot?

If you are a beginner or a pro, there are many things to do with your content, using the Inshot mod apk. You can Trim, cut, and split videos. You can merge multiple video clips into one. Adjust video speed and playback.
Add music to videos or use the app’s built-in music library. Apply various filters and video effects. Add text and stickers to videos. 

Advantages of Mod Version

  • No watermarks on exported videos
  • Unlimited access to features
  • More variety of features such as fonts and filters
  • Unlock all of the premium assets
  • Export videos at the 4K video resolution
  • Get a 100% Ad-free experience with this app
  • Add multiple layers of content easily
  • Unlimited effects, filters, stickers, and more

Is Inshot Pro mod APK Safe to Use?

We understand that security is a top priority for you, and we want to assure you that Mod apk is designed with your safety in mind. We’ve implemented a comprehensive set of security practices to make sure your experience with our app is not only enjoyable but also secure.

How to Install Inshot Pro mod APK on Android?

The installation process of Inshot Pro mod is very simple and easy. Follow the following steps to securely install the app on your Android device. 

  1. Download the latest version of Inshot Pro Apk from this site.
  2. After downloading the apk file, just open it up
  3. Now, if it asks to enable or allow “Unknown Sources“, then go to Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources,
  4. Just turn on “Unknown Sources
  5. Now click on the “Install” button.
  6. Wait, till the installation is done.
  7. Now, Your Inshot Mod Apk is successfully installed.
  8. Once the installation is complete, open the app and start creating content.

Inshot Mod APK Old Version

Explore our collection of previous versions of InShot Pro mod APK, perfect for those seeking specific features or compatibility with older devices. Download your preferred version from the link Inshot mod APK old versions today and unlock the power of advanced video editing tools at your fingertips.

inshot pro apk banner


Video Editing

Inshot mod apk is a professional video editor. You can enhance the quality of the video in several ways and add different things to the video.

PIP (Picture in Picture)

Picture-in-picture video editing allows you to overlay one video on top of another, creating a small window that plays concurrently with the main video.
PIP is a video effect used to play smaller videos on a background clip. You can play multiple videos at a time.

PIP-inshot Pro APK
Precut feature of inshot pro APK


This feature provides the option to cut, split, and trim your video in any size and place that clip or any other clip anywhere in the timeline. 


This option allows you to control the pace of your video. You can speed up or down the video. You can choose your preferred speed to emphasize the specific moment.



This feature allows you to add captions to videos. Import video to Inshot tap Text and then tap Caption.  There is also an option to change the caption words and color of the subtitle.

Music Library

There is a big library of musical effects in the music section. You can add different kinds of sounds like

  • Animal/Birds/Insects voices:
    Bear, camel, cat, dog, cuckoo, eagle, swallow, cricket, mosquito, etc.
  • Bells sound:
    Christmas bells, doorbells, phone bells, etc.
  • Instruments:
    Bells and drums, flute, harp, sitar, violin, etc. 
  • Laugher:
    Baby laughter, boy fake laughter, cartoon laughter, girl laughter, witch laughter, etc. 
  • Vehicle sounds:
    car start, motorcycle, racing car, police car, etc.
  • Weather sounds:
    rain, rain on windows, rain with thunder, thunder strikes, and wind.
  • Daily:
    Pour water, cooking, cheers, can opening sound, etc. 
  • You can also add horror voices, heartbeat sounds, instruments, and weapon sounds like a gun, cannon, shooting, stick, sniper, or AK47.

AI Effects by Using Inshot Pro APK

There is an option for AI effects in this premium version. You can add AI effects to your video on a fingertip. AI effects create illusion effects, neon effects, clone effects, fire effects, blending the video with another one, and blurring the background of the video is another demanding effect. 

Video Sharing

After completing the editing of a video, there is an option to share the video in any format directly to the social media platforms e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

sharing-social media-inshotspro


There are broad variations of animations for video clips in this modified apk. Here are a few examples

  • In: Zoom in, Shake in, Slide in, Swipe in, Rise in, Fall in, Swing in, Bounce in, 
  • Out: Zoom out, Shake out, Slide out, Swipe out, Rise out, Fall out, Swing out, Bounce out
  • Combo: Fall spin, Spin fall, Throw zoom, Zoom throw, Shutter in, Shutter out, etc

Extract Audio from the Video

In this option, you can easily extract audio from a video and save it to the Music library to use on another video.

Remove Background

There is the option of Cutout after importing the picture to Inshot. Tap Cutout and the background will be removed easily. Put another background to the picture and enjoy with new look. Different textures designs and colors are available by default in this mod apk. Users can add textures and different colors to the background. 

bg removed screenshot
bg remove and changed
bg remove by inshot pro apk
background Remove in inshot pro

Blur Background

Users can also blur the background to the video in this mod apk. Simply import the video, tap on the Effect, and then tap the AI Effect, and then tap on Blur, and select the Gauss Blur, Blurring is under your control, that is how much blur you want to put on the Video.


It’s an amazing app with tons of stickers. Users can’t believe that there is a huge library of animated stickers in the Inshot Pro apk. You can find lots of event-based stickers e.g. New Year, Birthday, Diwali, Friendship, Love wishes, etc. 

stickers of love
love stickers
stickers effect
stickers chik text

Fonts and Texts

Inshot apk refers to a set of features that allow users to add text to their images or videos and customize the appearance of that text through various font styles, sizes, colors, and formatting options. This feature is handy for creating titles, captions, annotations, or any textual elements within the visual content. 

MP4 Conversion

This exclusive newly added feature gives freedom to the user. After editing the video there is an option to save the file in MP4 format to enjoy the video on LED TV or any other device. 


Transition Effects help smooth the flow between scenes or shots, making the overall video more visually appealing and engaging. Users can apply the Transition effects between two consecutive video clips, or they can be used to move between different sections of a video.

Make Collage

Inshot Pro editing app has a feature that allows users to create a collage or a composition by combining multiple videos or images on a single screen. This feature is particularly useful when you want to display several visual elements together or create a compilation effect in your video.

Collage option
collage in inshot pro

Filters and Effects

Filters and effects in the Inshot modified app serve to enhance and modify the visual appearance of videos, adding creative elements or adjusting the overall look and feel. After importing the video or photo to the app, just tap on Effects or Filters. There you will see lots of effects and filters to enhance the quality of content.
Following filters and effects can make your content more valuable.

  • Glitch:
    Glitch, Noise, TV, RGB, Convex, Ghost, JPEG.
  • Fade
    White, Black, Blur, Glass, Mosaic, B&W.
  • Beats:
    Zoom, Shake, Soul, Bright, Noise, B&W, RGB.
  • Film:
    Focus, Zoom, Shutter, Moment, Darken.
  • Shake:
    Node, Whirl, Left, Flutter, Bass, Shake, Cam Shake.
  • Analog:
    Date, Shorts, Split, Super 8, Flicker, Classic.
  • Split:
    Two, Four, Nine, Multi, Kaliedo.
  • Retro 2:
    Noise, Line, Grain, Flash, Light.
  • Weather:
    Rain, Drip, FlashDrip, Snow, Ripple, Lightning, Sunlight.
  • Celebrate:
    Neon, Flash, Snow, Star, Firework, Interstellar, Fire, Ribbon, Bubble.
  • Style
    Mosaic, Triangle, Dot, Motion H, Motion V, Motion X, Blur, Glass, Depth, Tilt Shift, Print.
  • Flip, Mirror, Scan V, Scan H, FishEye, Swirl, Wave.

No Ads/No Watermark 

If you download the latest version of Inshot Pro mod APK from then you will amazed that no ads are playing while you are working on the app and no watermark at the time of saving the video.

Premium Unlocked

After downloading the Inshot mod APK without Watermark from, you will find the free Premium and Fully Unlocked Version of Inshot Pro and all the features in fully working condition. 

no ads banner

What’s New?

The latest version of InShot Pro Apk brings the following updates:

Text Overlay Effect

Its’s latest update enhances the text “Overlay” feature, offering more fonts, styles, colors, sizes, and animation effects for adding customizable text to videos or images. This update provides users with greater creative freedom to convey messages, titles, or subtitles directly onto their media content, boosting its visual appeal and communicative impact.

Add Watermark

The latest update of InShot Video Editor introduces the “Add Watermark” feature, enabling users to imprint custom logos, signatures, or text onto their videos or images. This feature enhances branding opportunities, allowing creators to assert ownership or promote their brand within their content.


Interface of Inshot Pro Apk
Infographicaly Presenting of Interface of Inshot Pro

Apps like Inshot for Android

There are a lot of alternatives to Inshot for Android like FilmoraGo, KineMaster, Capcut, VN, Adobe Premiere Rush, Youcut, Videoshow, etc.
But after all, Inshot mod without a watermark is best due to its user interface, premium features, and availability of old versions. Inshot is also compatible with different Operating Systems like Windows, Mac, and iOS.


Just download the latest version of Inshot mod from, and you find the edited videos without a watermark. 

If you have downloaded the mod apk from then no worries about the latest version. There is always the latest version available on this site. Kindly frequently visit this site to download the latest version.

In the Inshot Pro, Precut typically uses terms such as “cut,” “trim,” or “split” to describe actions related to removing or adjusting specific portions of a video. This feature provides the option to cut, split, and trim your video in any size and place that clip in anywhere the timeline.

You can easily add your voice or any kind of music/sound to the video in the Inshot Pro mod apk. It’s very simple. First, open the video file in the InShot and then tap on music. You can record your voice and also import music to the video.

There is an option for Volume in Inshot Pro video editing features. Tap on it and then it will have the option Denoise. This option removes the background noise from the video.

There are several reasons for this issue

  • If your device does not have sufficient processing power e.g. RAM or Processor, video editing tasks can be slow.
  • If your Android version is less than 7.0.
  • Editing high-resolution videos or working with large file sizes can slow down the editing process.
  • Using outdated versions of the Inshot app may lead to performance issues.

You need to update your RAM, Processor, and Operating Software and install an updated version of Inshot to resolve this problem. 

No need to remove ads in the Pro version because no ads are playing during the use of the app.

Yes, Inshot always supports HD videos to make and edit on it and also downloads in HD format.

Inshot Pro supports 4K video recording. Users can also download edited videos in 4K format.

To edit videos in 4K using InShot, you may want to ensure that your device has sufficient processing power and storage capacity to handle higher-resolution content. Additionally, make sure that you have the latest version of the InShot app installed, as updates may include improvements and optimizations for 4K editing.

Unlocked premium features available in paid Inshot Pro but after downloading the Inshot Pro mod apk from this site, there is no need to purchase any paid version. This site provides a fully unlocked premium version for absolutely free.

Inshot is free from Always download the latest and free versions from this site.

Don’t worry about the update of Inshot Pro. there is always an updated version available on this site. Just tap on download and you will get the latest updated version of Inshot.

It is up to you. You can see the save path in Settings of Inshot. There is also an option to change the path, where you want to save the videos.