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Inshot for PC: Technology is always changing, and now, your favorite phone app Inshot can also be used on your computer. Inshot app, usually found on phones, can now be enjoyed on PCs, and laptops. Let’s dive into the world of this video and image editing app and see how it makes life easier and more fun.

We all know Inshot is for phones, but as people use technology differently, developers have made it possible to use this app on computers. This is great news because it means you can do more things and be more productive no matter your device.

The Inshot app for Windows/Mac feels just like it does on your phone. This makes it easy to use and you won’t feel like you’re using a different device.

Using Inshot on your PC helps you get more work done. You don’t have to keep switching between your phone and desktop – everything is in one place.

Inshot app for PC

Inshot apk is also available for PC. Now desktop users can also enjoy Inshot features on a big screen. Inshot is an excellent video editor, user can make or edit videos to use it. It has numerous features and all are fully unlocked like filters, effects, animations, stickers, text, etc. After editing the videos, you can download and share them in high-resolution formats.

With Inshot, stay ahead of the latest trends and unlock your creativity. Explore the diversity of editing ideas and tips. This app can explode your imagination as you craft your video.

You have to pay money for full access to video editing tools like transitions, effects, stickers, and filters that enhance the overall video quality to the next level. But if you don’t want to spend money on all of those paid features, there’s a single solution for that Inshot Mod Apk for PC.

First, you must download the Android Emulator, which plays Android apps on PCs. 

It is effortless to install and use this app on computers.

Inshot on Pc with LdPlayer or Bluestack

How to install Inshot Pro APk for PC? (Complete Guide)

First, install an Android Emulator that supports Android apps to play on Windows or Macs. There are many Emulators in the market but I recommend the most common using Bluestack, and LdPlayer. Choose one of them, that is compatible with your operating system..

BlueStacks Requirement

Before you install BlueStacks, you must first check that your PC fulfills the following requirements

Minimum system requirements for Bluestack OS: 

Microsoft Windows 7 and above.

Processor: Intel or AMD Processor.

RAM: Your PC must have at least 4GB of RAM. (Note that having 4GB or more disk space is not a substitute for RAM)

HDD: 5GB Free Disk Space.

Once you’ve checked that your PC can run BlueStacks, you can go ahead and proceed with the installation.

Bluestack installation

Here are the steps to download and install BlueStacks on a PC:

  1. Go to the official website of Bluestack and click on “Download BlueStacks” to get the latest version of Bluestack;
  2. Launch the installer once it’s done downloading.
  3. Wait until the process finishes, after which BlueStacks will launch.

LdPlayer Requirements

Before you install LdPlayer, you must first check that your PC fulfills the following requirements:

Minimum Requirements for LDPlayer 4

  •  Processor: Intel or AMD Processor x86 / x64
  •  Operating system: Windows XP XP3 / Win7 / Win8 / Win8.1 / Win10 / Win 11
  •  OpenGL: 2.0
  •  RAM: 2GB
  •  Hard disk space: 36GB
  •  Virtualization Technology (Intel VT-x/AMD-V): enabled

Ldplayer installation:

Here are the steps to download and install Ldplayer on PC:

  1. Go to the official website and click “Download Ldplayer” to get the latest version according to your operating system specs.
  2. Launch the installer once it’s done downloading.
  3. Wait until the process finishes, after which Ldplayer will launch.

Once the installation of the Android Emulator is completed then follow these steps

  1. Download the Inshot Pro APk from
  2. When the download process ends, you will see the icon of the Apk file has been changed to Emulator’s file.
  3. Click on the Apk file to install Inshot.
  4. The file will open in Bluestack/Ldplayer and the installation process will begin.
  5. After installation of the app, click on the Inshot icon on Bluestack/Ldplayer App player
  6. Inshot will open and be ready to use. 

Using Inshot on 32 and 64-bit PCs

You can use Inshot Pro APK, an app for mobile phones, on your PC with Android emulators like BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, or LDPlayer. These programs let you run the app on both 32-bit and 64-bit computers.

For Inshot for PC 32 bit, the emulator will help your computer run the app well if set up correctly.

Inshot for PC 64 bit usually works faster and more smoothly because it can handle more memory and power.

To make sure everything works right, download the version of the emulator that matches your computer. This will help you avoid problems and enjoy using Inshot Pro on your PC.

Inshot for Windows: Easy Video Editing on Windows 7, 10, and 11

Editing videos on your PC is easy with Inshot! Whether you’re using Inshot for Windows 7, Inshot for Windows 10, or Inshot for Windows 11, this app works smoothly on all versions. It’s great for older computers with Windows 7 and offers even more features on Windows 10. For the latest technology and speed, try Windows 11. No matter your Windows version, Inshot for Pc mod APK makes editing videos simple and enjoyable!

How to download Inshot using Bluestack?

  • Open the Bluestack App Player.
  • Click on Google App Store.
  • Sign in to your Google account
  • Search for Inshot
  • Simply download it.
  • You can also download Inshot Pro for PC using the Bluestack Emulator
  • Open the Bluestack App player
  • Click on Chrome
  • Search for and download the Exclusive Premium version of Inshot.


1st opening view of Inshot for PC
Saving Options of Edited Video at Inshot Pro APK
2nd Opening View of Inshot for PC
Setting Window of Inshot for PC


Neon Effects Demonstration of Inshot for PC

Neon Effects

Social Sticker Demonstration

Social Stickers

Sticker banner of Inshot for PC


Background Change Options



The answer is Yes, Inshot can be used on a PC or laptop, whether you are using Windows or Mac operating system. 

You have to just install Android Emulator on your PC/laptop. Then download and install the Inshot Pro apk, and open it in Android Emulator’s App Player. There you can use Inshot on your desktop.

Yes, Inshot is safe to use on a PC but always exercise caution while downloading online, and be sure to scan files before using them.

Inshot for PC is free of cost with premium unlocked features but only when you download the app from Always download the latest and free versions from this site.

No worry about the update of Inshot Pro for PC. There is always an updated version available on Just tap on download and you will get the latest updated version of Inshot.

Just download the latest version of Inshot mod from, and you find the edited videos without a watermark.

There is no need to remove ads in the Inshot Pro for the PC version because no ads are playing during the use of the app. 

Apps like Inshot for PC/Windows/Mac

There are several options available. These apps provide features for editing and enhancing videos with various tools and effects. Here are some alternatives:

Filmora, ShotCut, Openshot, iMovie (only for Mac), Lightworks, Videopad, Camtasia, etc. 

But if you want to use the premium feature for free, then you should download Inshot Pro for PC/Laptop.